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19th Century Artifacts Uncovered in Ancaster, Ontario

In an article published by the Hamilton Spectator, ARA's Stephen Bown - Archaeologist, shares some of the numerous discoveries made at a site in Ancaster, Ontario. Artifacts and infrastructure date back to the early 1800s. Store fronts, including a grocers, a carpet weaver, and a tinsmith have yielded artifacts that present a unique look into Ontario's history. Other discoveries include a French drain system, and a well-preserved ginger-beer bottle from Pilgrim Bros & Co. It has been an exciting site for ARA's archaeologists. To read the full article, please link to

Truth, Reconciliation, and Cemeteries

ARA is passionate about furthering Reconciliation with the First Nations. In an article written by Paul Racher, Principal of ARA, we are reminded that:

...almost the entire land mass of the country [Canada], and every resource under, in, on or above it, was obtained virtually for free, from the First Peoples who lived on it. That debt, which has been maturing for some time, appears to have come due.

To read the full article in the Spring 2018 issue of the Ontario Recreation Facilities Association's Facility Forum Magazine, click here.

Pioneer Cemetery Conservation Project

Map of Pioneer Cemetery

ARA is working with the Township of King on a conservation project involving 12 pioneer cemeteries. ARA's Andrea Carswell – Laboratory Manager and Conservator, and Kayla Jonas Galvin – Heritage Operations Manager, co-authored an article published in the Spring 2018 Ontario Association of Heritage Professionals (OAHP) Newsletter that presents the project so far. This project uses a Priority Class Rating System which takes into account the condition of the stones and the suggested conservation timeline to prioritize conservation efforts across the 12 cemeteries under consideration.

The approach involved conducting historical research, developing a project database, carrying out an examination of the condition of the markers in each of the pioneer cemeteries, and outlining the recommended conservation method(s) for each marker.

To read the full article, click here.

ARA Showing at the Brantford Home Exhibition

ARA's Heritage Conservation and Restoration Team will be at the Brantford Civic Centre April 20th to 23rd for the Brantford Home Exhibition. Click here for more details and come and meet the Team at booth 65.

Home Renos Meet Heritage Restoration

Visit ARA's Heritage Conservation and Restoration Team at the Hamilton Spring Home & Garden Show. The Team will be at booth 715. Please click here for more details.

ARA at the K-W Home and Garden Show

The Heritage Conservation and Restoration division of ARA will be exhibiting at an upcoming Kitchener-Waterloo event. Please click here for full details.

ARA on the CBC

As Archaeological Research Associates Ltd. continues to work closely with The Woodland Cultural Centre, the importance of preserving artifacts found within the walls of this residential school continues to be a priority of the "Save The Evidence" campaign. The Mohawk Institute is one of the last remaining residential schools in the province and has a powerful story to tell. CBC Radio interviewed Paula Whitlow, Executive Director of the Woodland Cultural Centre, and Paul Racher, Principal at Archaeological Research Associates Ltd., to gain insight into their experiences working on the project. Please click on the video below to listen to the interview. To learn how you can help with the "Save The Evidence" campaign, visit

Archaeological Research Associates in the Globe and Mail

Paul Racher M.A. CAHP - Principal was interviewed by The Globe and Mail on ARA's involvement in the Mohawk Institute excavation project. This project is part of the Save the Evidence campaign for which ARA has partnered with the Mohawk Institute.

Heritage Day Workshop

Our own Heritage Conservation and Restoration Assistant Team Lead, Matthew Johnston gave a presentation on Friday February 16th as part of the Heritage Day Workshop. This year's theme is "Heritage Makes $ense." Matthew discusses the advantages of restoring over replacing heritage windows. To view the presentation, please click the slideshow button.

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