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Heritage restoration approach poster

A Conservation Approach

Our approach to heritage restoration is founded on the Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada. Our heritage-restoration team believes in maximizing the rescue of historic material and will use the Guidelines to help inform a strategy best suited to your heritage building.

Do not fear decaying or damaged wood – that's our specialty! Historical wooden elements are often superior because of their density and ring structure. We have developed a range of restoration strategies to consolidate and conserve the wood features in your building. Our goal is to provide a lasting solution that will preserve and enhance your building's character using the best materials available.

Our Team

ARA offers a team of three heritage-restoration specialists. We have a broad spectrum of heritage-restoration experience in the UK and in Canada and bring to bear a knowledge base founded in three of Ontario's best-known heritage and building programs:


We are equipped to restore your building's features in our shop or on-site from start to finish. That means our millwork, joinery, glazing, painting and finishing is completed under one roof, by us and to our high standards. We save you from having to coordinate specialists to complete your heritage construction project.

We Believe in 'Green' and Energy Efficiency

Every year, historical windows and doors are removed from older homes and discarded in landfills to make way for modern replacements. We believe these elements are important to the character of heritage buildings and offer a range of alternative solutions to improve their energy efficiency and longevity: