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Historic Research:

We have experience conducting archival research in municipal and university facilities across Ontario, as well as at the Archives of Ontario. Our research extends to other primary sources such as land registry records, surveyors' notes as well as county maps and histories.

Drafting Designation Reports & Bylaws:

Our staff members are well trained in drafting Designation Reports and Statements of Significance that can support Designation Bylaws.

Heritage Impact Assessments:

We conduct both individual- and multiple-property Heritage Impact Assessments in order to identify and document features with cultural heritage value or interest, and present conclusions and recommendations concerning potential impacts from development or infrastructure improvements.

Cultural Heritage Landscape Evaluations:

Our staff are on the cutting edge of employing Cultural Heritage Landscapes by both documenting their cultural heritage features, important views and characteristics as well as evaluating their significance. We have also recommended various conservation tools based on individual municipality planning frameworks.

Heritage Conservation District Studies & Plans:

We have extensive experience studying Heritage Conservation Districts (HCDs) as well as working as part of interdisciplinary teams to draft HCD Studies and Plans.

Municipal Heritage Registers:

We have experience completing Municipal Heritage Registers, including developing criteria for inclusion, using existing inventories, conducting primary research, identifying properties for inclusion and conducting public meetings.

Cultural Heritage Evaluation Reports:

Our staff have carried out numerous Cultural Heritage Evaluation Reports (CHER). A CHER is carried out to assess the cultural heritage value of a bridge over 40 years of age.

Traditional Knowledge Studies:

We have conducted Traditional Knowledge Studies which focus on using consultation methods to gain information on traditional use areas and cultural sites within project lands that may have otherwise been unavailable through conventional research methods.

Please refer to our projects page for a description of some of our projects.