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Heritage Staff Publications and Presentations :

Kayla Jonas Galvin Selected Publications

201380 for 80: Celebrating 80 Years of the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario. Architectural Conservancy of Ontario. Order online at:

2013Not all Resource Towns Are Created Alike. Active History. Accessible at:

2013Building stories about heritage assets: Community voices. Ontario Planning Journal, January/February 2013.

2012The Case of Northern New Towns. Acorn, Fall 2012, pages 28-29.

2012Discovering the History of Toronto Below Ground Level. This Big City. Accessible at:

2012In With The Old: The debate on wood vs. vinyl windows. Alternatives, March/April 2012, page 14. Accessible at:

2011Heritage Districts Work: Evidence from the Province of Ontario, with R. Shipley and J. Kovacs. Urban Affairs Review, 4795: 611-641. Accessible online at:

2011Transforming Industrial Complexes from Private to Public Spaces. This Big City. Accessible online at:

2011Wind Turbines and Cultural Heritage Landscapes. Municipal World, February 2011, pages 15-16.

2010Heritage Conservation Districts Work! Municipal World, September 2010, pages 27-28.

Kayla Jonas Galvin Selected Presentations:

2013"New Media, New Audiences: Case Studies in Social Media," National Trust for Historic Preservation Conference, Indianapolis.

2011-13  "Heritage Conservation Districts: Conducting Studies and Writing Plans," Thunder Bay (2013), Stratford (2012), and Waterloo (2011).

2008-13  "Writing Statements of Significance," Annually to PLAN 414 at University of Waterloo (2013), Thunder Bay (2013), Hamilton (2010), and Goderich (2008).

2011-13  "Ontario Architectural Styles Workshop," Thunder Bay (2013), St. Marys (2012), and Oakville (2011).

2011"Interactive Websites," Heritage Canada Conference, Victoria BC.

2011"Restore, Repurpose or Replace: What happens when a building gets old?" Art Gallery of Hamilton.